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New bill introduced in Pa. Legislature would require insurers to cover abuse-deterrent pills

Last summer, Antypas demonstrated a fairly new crush-deterrent pill on the market. “(If it’s unable to be crushed), you can’t inhale it. You can’t get that rush at once,” he said. The pill is also 10 to 15 times more expensive than a traditional tablet and is often not covered by insurance. However, the rules may be about the change.

House Bill 1698 was introduced last month in the Pennsylvania Legislature. The bill essentially requires health insurers to cover abuse-deterrent pills. “I think (the bill) will move fast,” Republican state Rep. Doyle Heffley, said. “But these days in Harrisburg, anything can happen.” Heffley, of Carbon County, is the bill’s co-sponsor. “We're certainly not looking at this bill to be a windfall for the pharmaceutical industry or to somehow punish the insurance industry,” he said. “What we're looking at is a public safety issue.”

Antypas said the belief that the bill would save insurance companies money in the long-run because fewer people would end up hospitalized is a common misconception. He explained that some insurance plans don’t focus on hospital stays but rather medication….