Grünenthal's INTAC® Technology

Innovative formulation technology – Protecting intended drug action

Grünenthal's INTAC® Technology – the development of a tamper resistant formulation

Prescription opioid abuse is a well recognized problem, predominantly in the US. Especially the introduction of higher dose, controlled-release formulations – designed to improve the management of chronic pain and patient compliance – has led to an increase in not only this type of substance abuse, but also in its potential lethality.

Nonetheless, strong opioids remain important and valuable drugs for the treatment of severe chronic pain conditions. It is important to ensure that patients in need of this therapeutic option continue to have access to these substances. Therefore, the solution to the problem of the abuse of strong opioids should not be removal from the market, but rather the development of mechanisms that raise the hurdles for the potential abuse thus reducing the diversion of these drugs.

One logical solution is the development of a tamper resistant formulation (INTAC® Technology) – a formulation that raises the hurdle for abuse by making it very difficult for abusers to tamper with and, thus, less attractive for them to misuse.

Grünenthal's INTAC® Technology is designed to deter all routes of abuse / inadvertent misuse from tablet tampering by imposing a specific mechanical stability to the tablet. This mechanical stability is created by the combination of specific excipients together with a unique manufacturing process.

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