Center for Abuse Prevention and Evaluation

Grünenthal's abuse liability expertise

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CAPE, the Center for Abuse Prevention and Evaluation, was established in 2007 as the Center for Excellence in Abuse Liability (CEAL). Its primary goal was to develop internal expertise on the US requirements for evaluation on how likely new medications or abuse deterrent formulation (ADF) will be abused when released on the market.  Since in the US recently there is increased awareness of the prescription drug abuse and overdose epidemic, the emphasis shifted from evaluation to evaluation and prevention of abuse. With the increased interest in prevention, the name change reflects Grünenthal’s commitment to remain engaged on both scientific and social forefronts of this problem. It is part of Grünenthal’s response to the regulatory and policy makers calls to prevent drug abuse and demonstrates Grünenthal’s commitment to patient-centricity and our social responsibility.

CAPE is the lead member of the Cross – Company Abuse Liability Consortium, CCALC, an organization of over 25 pharmaceutical companies whose mission is to advance the science of abuse potential assessment across the product life cycle. The Consortium works together with regulators, academic researchers, and public policy advocates to promote best practices in the assessment and management of pharmaceutical abuse liability.

The department is involved in numerous scientific activities including publishing papers and presentation at various high profile scientific meetings. For detailed list of conferences where CAPE has recently presented please click here.