Why partner with us?

We have a history of successful partnerships with companies across markets.

As a privately owned mid-cap company, we are convinced that we are an attractive partner to bring projects successfully to market. Besides being a leader in the market for centrally acting analgesics (source IMS 2014) and having a track record of bringing innovative therapies to patients around the globe, we are highly committed to innovation.

On average, Grünenthal invests 20% of its revenues back into R&D and we are committed to considerably increase our investments in the next three to five years. Adding to that, Grünenthal is a fully integrated R&D company: our commercial successes in Europe and Latin America are proof points for this capability. In 2015, Grünenthal has been able to achieve revenues of 1.2 billion Euros.

Grünenthal has a history of successful partnerships with companies across sizes and markets. Tapentadol (brand names Palexia® and Nucynta®) is an example for one of our successful development partnerships with Johnson & Johnson. In 2015, Grünenthal granted its consent to the transfer of the license rights for Nucynta® in the U.S. from Janssen Pharmaceuticals to Depomed (link zu Pressemeldung). Additionally, we were able to build on the partnership with Depomed in late 2015. Our novel, first in class analgesic Cebranopadol will now be developed by Depomed for the US market.