Code of Conduct


For any questions on compliance issues, please contact

Georg’a O’Keefe
Grünenthal USA Compliance Champion)


What's Compliance?

Compliance is the state of being in accordance with established legislation, regulation, policies, guidelines and/or specifications.

Compliance is critical for monitoring, promoting, protecting and securing the integrity and reputation of the company, their managers and their employees.

Grünenthal's Compliance Culture

Through our company purpose, mindsets and compliance principles

  • we express our commitment to conduct all activities with the right ethical behavior;
  • we provide guidance on defined measures and processes;
  • we promote and acknowledge an ethical compliance culture;
  • we acknowledge adherence to international law and industry standards.

Our compliance system and infrastructure, and our efforts of continuous improvement are helping us to safeguard the integrity of our organization and minimize legal non-compliance. It supports our social responsibility as an innovative pharmaceutical organization and connects our Grünenthal family culture with a powerful Grünenthal compliance culture.

Compliance Responsibilities

Every employee in our company has to contribute to our compliance culture by following company principles and national as well as international regulations.

Every leader in the company needs to create the compliance culture by making sure he or she, and their team members, understand their responsibilities and always work in compliance with all regulations linked to their function, department and region.

Code of Conduct Grünenthal GmbH

Please read the Grünenthal Code of Conduct to get detailed information on the company's compliance vision and responsibilities.